Another Trip to The Pines

Wayward Pines episode two: Don’t Discuss Your Life Before didn’t disappoint. The creepiness continues and deciding who to trust has become extremely important to surviving in The Pines.

As any good detective, Burke continues not to listen to orders from Pope to stay in his room. Instead, he hits the morgue to find the map that Evans had created before he died. Although successful, the episode continues to take a dark turn and as viewers we start to learn some of the rules of Wayward Pines, including

Don’t try to leave
Always answer the phone
Don’t discuss your life before

Of course, the whole premise of the series pushes us to discuss everyone’s life before–who started Wayward Pines? Who is brought there? How does time function in Wayward Pines in the ways it does not on the outside? What is Pope’s role in The Pines? How much control does Pope possess? Do the people, such as Kate’s husband Harold, know what’s going on, or are they in the same position as Kate? These are just a few of the questions I’m mulling around as I wait for this week’s episode.

I’m also drawn to Kate. Beverly seems to think she can’t be trusted, and the fact that she and Harold turned in Beverly and Ethan seems to think this is in fact the case, but I can’t believe it is that cut and dry. If Wayward Pines continues in the vein that it has been going, it means that there must be more to Kate than meets the eye, and I’m excited about that possibility.

I also appreciate how the narrative moves between worlds. Not only do we see the past, the one we are not supposed to talk about, so the narrative continues to break it, we also see the world of Ethan’s family–the “real” world–as it plays out against what Ethan is now experiencing. As his wife and son–Theresa and Ben–travel to Idaho in search of Ethan, I can’t help but wonder if, and when, these two worlds will collide.

Tonight’s Our Town, Our Law should make for more possible clues to the mysteries of Ethan and Wayward Pines. Let’s hope it continues.


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