Review: Wayward Pines: “Our Town, Our Law”

I was a bit worried last night that Wayward Pines was slowing down. The pacing felt awkward and bringing Ethan’s family to WP made me wonder what direction the episode would take. Kate is there and Ethan had yet to reveal this to Theresa and Ben. But how did Theresa and Ben get there? We know that there was a car accident (or at least that’s what we’re told), but everything happened off-screen. And, why did it happen? Why not just let Theresa and Ben go on their merry way? Why not just have Ethan disappear and Theresa and Ben believe he is with Kate? What is the benefit of bringing them to Wayward Pines?


I enjoyed the move from WP to the outside world. The non-linear narrative works for me. But, now that Theresa and Ben are in WP, does this mean that the bodies on the gurneys in episode two are them arriving? Is Ethan able to see into the future? We know that time has different rules in WP. Who is in control of those rules? After last night, we know it is not Pope. We know that Pope is just a puppet for the larger puppet master.

Ethan’s trip in the Finest International Foods truck also allows us to see the relationship of WP to the outside world. People do seem to come in and out. But what is their relationship to WP? Ethan needs to step up his FBI skills and find out what’s going on. Kate is no help. She believes she’s been in WP for decades and has given up on trying to escape. Instead, she is following the rules, such as turning Beverly in to be “Reckoned.”

WAYWARD PINES:  Ethan (Matt Dillon)

The violent death of Pope at the hands of the Burkes at the end of the episode allows the series to move in a new direction. We know that the trope of the walls holding people in to keep the “evil” outside out also holds true in WP. The shrieking being that dragged Pope’s lifeless body to the other side of the wall after Ben runs him over and Ethan finishes him off with a shot to the head reminds us that being in WP might not be as bad as Ethan makes it out to be. In some ways, I was brought back to the Smoke Monster in Lost, and am interested as to whether this narrative will frustrate me or draw me in.

Dr. Jenkins telling Ethan in the rain that they need someone like him in Wayward Pines, that they need someone “good” is an important point for continuing the narrative. In addition, we learn that Dr. Jenkins doesn’t live in WP, so that he can travel back and forth, in whatever way they move through time and space.

The fabulous cast of characters continues with Justin Kirk coming in as the realtor in WP and hopefully he’ll return to shed more light on how you get a house in WP. Plus, I’m still not convinced that Pope and Beverly are actually gone. But, only time will tell the answers to these mysteries.


Although Ben and Theresa were on their way out of WP and away from Ethan and what they think is his continued relationship with Kate, now that they have seen a shared enemy and had the experience of ending the life of Pope as we know it, I am interested to see what next week brings for the trio. It seems that bringing the family and the outside world to WP is very unusual, so what is it about Ethan, what does he know that makes him important to WP? Part of me believes it is related to the case that Ethan is so torn up about–I don’t believe we have seen the end of that case either.

My one hope is that this does not end in the traditional “Ethan is dead and in a new world” kind of nonsense that could make my favorite series of the summer so far pretty much a huge disappointment. But, for now I’ll just reserve Thursdays for my date with Matt Dillion, who is as wonderful as ever.


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