Falcon: The Rich Setting Of Seville Sells It

Yesterday, the temperature dropped swiftly in the afternoon. Feverish, I couldn’t get warm, so huddled in the cocoon of my bed I turned to Acorn t.v.In the spirit of full disclosure, I love Acorn television. And they’ve never steered me wrong, not for only $4.99 a month, so when their blurb writer penned, “The unique Spanish city of Seville is the exquisite backdrop for this high-octane drama based on acclaimed crime writer Robert Wilson’s series of bestselling novels featuring flawed hero Javier Falcon” I was all in for some Seville sun and “high-octane drama” and overall hotness of Javior Falcon to warm me up with “The Blind Man of Seville.” It was also a Staff Pick. I got as excited as was possible, which in my sickly state meant I pushed my glasses up my nose, huddled beneath the comforter, and then blew my nose for the 500th time.

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 1.27.54 PM

Falcon is a fine physical specimen, so watching this eye candy walk the streets of Seville gave me insight into a destination on my traveling bucket list, but honestly, not much else. The characters fell flat and too much time was spent watching Falcon drink from his opiate laden water bottle, followed by dizzying camera shakes to indicate his altered state. He’s flawed, but not compelling, and the mystery had real potential, but not enough for me to give a donut for Falcon or to watch the second in the series, entitled “The Silent and the Damned.” Watch this one for the location, the architecture, and the golden honeyed light.


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