Review: Wayward Pines–One of Our Senior Relators Has Chosen to Retire

Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town.

Everyone likes to tell Ethan Burke to follow the rules and Ethan is having none of that nonsense. This week his rebellion doesn’t change, and would you have Matt Dillon any other way? I mean, really? If he started doing what he was supposed to I might need to cry.

Plus, I always get excited when schools become important to plot development. Shaping young minds–so wonderful. What is the role of the school in Wayward Pines? How will Ben’s experiences in school and the classroom play out? Will young love win him over and tear him away from his parents or will he infiltrate the school and help the Burke posse cause a ruckus? I don’t trust Amy. I don’t think Ben should trust her either, and I’m a bit worried that she’ll be trouble. But, I hope I’m wrong. I’m also intrigued that the mayor warned Burke about the school and it’s his wife who’s doing the teaching.images

This week the Burke’s start to become part of Wayward Pines and make it their home. Or, more accurately, they decide to start to fuck things up. I love that Theresa is ready to mess up The Pines just as much as Ethan and she’s working her way into the town. I like the whole family being in town. They get to start to mess a bit with people’s heads a bit. I’m interested to see what happens with Ben. He seems easily swayed and I’m really unsure if it’s actually a game or if he really is being pulled to the “dark” side.

For me, the most interesting element of last night’s episode was that Ethan’s view of the town has seemed to change. As the people around him continue to die–and continue to share with him their stories of loss–he amends how he views the town and starts to see that in their own ways many of the townspeople are trying to alert him that they want (really need) his help.

Wayward Pines keeps us guessing. On the one hand, we’re unsure of where we are, and many are unsure of when we are. Are those in Wayward Pines traveling through time? Are they in another time? Another space?

I’m not sure if I want to support the alternative time theory. There is some kind of play with time, but I don’t know if that really is the mystery of Wayward Pines.

The previews for next week also show us that there seems to be monsters somewhere behind the gates. But are those gates where we exit The Pines or are those gates where the town holds those monsters at bay? And, are those monsters controlled by someone or something else or are they the ones controlling everyone else?

What I love about Wayward Pines is that it continues to keep me guessing and keeps me asking questions. I want to ask questions and in some ways, I want my assumptions to be wrong. Because, if I can figure everything out, then what’s the point of watching? In some ways though I feel like I should have saved this up those and binge watched it since it just seems to keep going and going and going. But, I’m good with the weekly excitement and the change to see Matt Dillion for an extended period of time.

They claim that next week “all will be revealed” but we all know that’s so not true. Yet, I feel as though there will be a bit more happening next week and it will turn the narrative in another direction. Still, I don’t want a definitive direction. I want to continue to guess and be pulled in different directions, since at this moment all of them are exciting.

imgresPlus, I’m super excited that Nurse Pam (the modern day Nurse Ratched) is going to be playing a bigger role in The Pines. Melissa Leo is wonderful. She’s the perfect mix of smart, crazy, mysterious, and deadly. She seems to know more than everyone–at least at this point–and part of me wonders if she has masterminded the whole adventure. She wanted a “reckoning” and she seemed to know what happened to Pope, when others just thought he left. Plus, what an awesome toast she made to Ethan!

So far, Fox has created a winner with Wayward Pines. I’m hoping they just end it after one season though, since I’m a bit scared that there will be a perfect ending this season and then another season will just ruin it. (But, I wouldn’t cry if I got to see more Matt Dillon.)


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