Yard Sale Mystery Excitement

Today I went to some yard sales and got some great finds. On Friday I was able to purchase this cool projector with films. There are a few in the container. (I also got a screen.) I am hoping to get the projector hooked up and to11356163_10103297030231863_1224963980_n watch them. It’s a mystery as to what is on them, and how awesome they will be, so once I find out what kinds of films I have, I’ll let you all know. One says Summer 1961, so it’s actually older than me–how awesome is that.

This morning, before my awesome find, I had a scary find. I’m not a big fan of clowns. I mean, who is? They are creepy and do you really want strangers coming up to you, giving you candy, and playing with your children? No.

11354910_10103298519577203_1275190234_nAt One sale there were a bunch of Hardy Boys books (but not the first one) and then a pile of clowns. Who wants all these in their house? What kind of person collects clowns? I would have to move if these were in my house. It’s a mystery to me as to who wants to buy these and where these are stored. Scary stuff.

But, after the clown fiasco, we headed to the sale in the County Market parking lot and that’s where I hit the jackpot. Not only did I find a booth that was full of Nancy Dre11326977_10103299079145823_517748747_nw books, I talked with the young woman who owned them. She collects Nancy Drews and is going through her collection and wanting to sell any duplicates she has. I was able to get three of the original 56 that I need. (The ones revised in the 1960s to have 20 chapters.) Plus, I snagged up a Nancy Drew graphic novel that I’m excited to read. She also had a number of the more recent Nancy Drew books, but I’ll wait to get those. She and I talked and she says she has some of the original books published in the 1930s. I asked if I could possibly borrow them to see the differences and she said yes. I gave her my contact information, so I’m hoping she’ll get in touch with me and I can read her originals. I’m also hoping she’ll have some of the 56 books that I still need so I can complete my quest to reread all of Nancy Drew, in order.

I also grabbed a Katy Munger book–Out of Time–since it looked fun. Hopefully I’ll get to it sooner or later:)

For now, I think that this week’s yard sales were a great mystery of the week.


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