Wayward Pines: The Truth (or really what I hope is not entirely The Truth)

Okay, I finally was able to watch Wayward Pines so that I’d be caught up before the episode tonight. Just a warning before you continue reading. If you haven’t seen the episode and you don’t want any spoilers, don’t continue to read. I am ranting and revealing, so you’ll be disappointed if you continue. (Even if you want to hear me talk about the wonder of Matt Dillon, because who wouldn’t?)

I must admit that I have very mixed feelings about this episode. I did think that Matt Dillon looked exceptionally fabulous trekking through the mimages-2ountains and avoiding the Abbies. I also appreciated how the episode was presented. I loved the move through multiple perspectives as they each started to learn different facts to fill in what they are starting to know about their situation But, ugh. Really? We go through all that and then we have to be in 4028? Really?

Although I’m frustrated that there in the future and have just been in some hibernation chamber for two thousand years, I appreciate what seems to be a move to reveal where we are at the half-way point in the series so that we can unravel some new mysteries in the final five episodes. Still, I am cautious to believe that what we saw in this episode is the actual truth. I’m not entirely sold on this future and that Wayward Pines is the only space for it. I feel as though there is something more that we haven’t been told and this leaves me with more questions than answers. Still, the episode was television wonderment.

960Mrs. Fisher (Hope Davis) does a haunting job revealing to the new recruits for the “first generation” as well as the audience what Wayward Pines is and why they were brought there. Entangled with what both Ethan and Theresa Burke learn at the same time makes for some riveting television. We move between her soliloquy and the images of Ethan finding out what is beyond the wall in a way that makes me as a viewer want to keep watching. I’m also drawn to this idea that the school is the place to present these “new” ideas and that those ideas should not be shared with your parents since they can’t handle it. Instead, Ben and the other two recruits are brought in to a secret society, along with old-school rituals that we can never seem to rid ourselves from no matter how far into the future we go. The school as a place of knowledge beyond the 640home and knowledge that will frighten parents–outsiders, those older than you–is lovely (at least for this education person). I love the way the school is represented and used in this episode and I’m wondering it’s role as the series continues. Is Mrs. Fisher the only one in on this madness or are other teachers part of this? Are all the students part of the “first generation” or are there only a chosen few? Who helps Mrs. Fisher decide, or does she have that power all on her own? And, what do they teach them at the school? How does learning happen beyond high school if we’re just stuck in Wayward Pines and who decides who to bring in to advance civilization and make a new world worth living in? These are just a few of the things I want to know.

For me, the biggest mystery still lies in role of time in the series. David Pilcher has been seen in both 2014 and 4028. Does this mean he can travel through time or was there a point where he, too, frozen himself? How did Pam get there as well? How did they choose the adults to tell about the future? Sheriff Pope is the same question for me. He appeared in both time periods and also knew what was going on (at least enough to cause an accident for Theresa and Ben). How do these individuals move through time or are they moving through time? Why are there some folks who believe they can leave The Pines? Is it because there really is something more out there?

Some of what was revealed explains why early on people were telling Ethan they had been in The Pines for much longer than it seemed possible to Ethan, but it isn’t the entire truth.


I also don’t like Big Bill. The whole “sexual harassment still exists in the future and women just need to deal with it” storyline is tired for me. I hope he gets shot or something happens to him. I also want to know if he knows the truth. Also, a gold star? Really? Ugh.

What’s with Nurse Pam all of a sudden being super nice to Ethan when he gets into the helicopter? I’m not sure I like a kinder, gentler Nurse Pam. I’m not sure I trust it.

Regardless, even with more questions, I really love what “The Truth” revealed and how it was revealed and am interested to see where we’re headed tonight on Wayward Pines.



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