I was all excited for Wayward Pines on Thursday and then: Golf. I have to wait to watch episode 6 because of golf. I’m not completely opposed to golf. I do have an overwhelming desire to learn how to golf, but I would much rather watch Matt Dillon, even Matt Dillon in Deuces Wild, than watch golf. But, since there was no Matt Dillon, I decided to check out the web series, Gone, which is the companion series to Wayward Pines. They say that Gone (#shesgone) is supposed to be a prequel to the series.

imagesThe webisodes are short. They are a little over two minutes a piece. There are five of them, just like in the series. And, there wasn’t a new one this week. (So I’m guessing when there’s a new Wayward Pines there’s a new Gone.) In the webisodes, Eric’s wife was investigating something going on in a mountain in Idaho and she has disappeared. By episode 5 Eric has headed to Idaho to find Digger, an informant that helped his wife, Sarah, learn more about the mountain in Idaho.maxresdefault-1

Although they are short, the companion series is somewhat fun. I’m interested in knowing what is going to happen and how things are going to unravel. But, it is advertised as though you can find clues to solve the mystery and I was hoping it would be a little more interactive. I wanted to be able to go to Facebook or Twitter and #shesgone and find clues to help me better investigate what was going on. I think it would have helped if there would have been more characters to interact with and “decipher.” Are they telling the truth? Can they be trusted? What’s up with them? How does this connect to Wayward Pines? I also wanted a little more fan interaction. I wanted to be able to talk with other fans about what is going on and make guesses about things. But, since it only took me like 15 minutes to get through the whole thing, I thought it was just fine. I’ll probably keep following it, but in some ways it was a bit of a disappointment. I wanted more and maybe it will become more interactive as we move through the webisodes.

Basically, I’ll just wait until Thursday when Wayward Pines returns and we get to find out what’s up with the creation of the First Generation.



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