Wayward Pines: “Choices” and “Betrayal” Two Reviews in One.

Have I mentioned before how much I love Matt Dillon? I know I didn’t post about last week and so much happened, but I’m back again, after a little break, to get going with blogging again.

First off, I should say a bit about last week’s episode, Choices. This is where it all comes out. Ethan must be persuaded that the experiment that is Wayward Pines is a worthy one and something that needed to be done. He must be persuaded that Pilcher and his work is something that is for the good of the world. It also moved us along as viewers, quickly getting us caught up on how Pope and others appeared in both the “present” and the past. It is not time travel. Instead, it is a non-linear narrative (my favorite kind). But, I wonder how Pilcher and his crew came to the future. Did they

Ethan sees the large team of volunteers who are running Wayward Pines.
Ethan sees the large team of volunteers who are running Wayward Pines.freeze themselves too and then “thaw out” prior to the first round of “subjects”? How did the whole thing work? I want to know the specifics. I wonder if the book goes into more depth? I just don’t trust any of it or believe that we know the entire truth.

freeze themselves too and then “thaw out” prior to the first round of “subjects”? How did the whole thing work? I want to know the specifics. I wonder if the book goes into more depth? I just don’t trust any of it or believe that we know the entire truth.



Through Ethan (our eyes and ears for this episode), we learn that Pilcher and Pam are brother and sister and that it is Pam who convinces David to continue on his quest. We also learn his connection to Pope and Mrs. Fisher. We also find out more about who has the plot to blow this popsicle stand–literally. Of course Kate is behind it. I am excited that Harold (Reed Diamond) isn’t sold on the whole alternative society.images

I was also drawn to Ben and how conflicted he was in this episode. He seemed as though he wanted to tell Theresa about everything, but just couldn’t do it. He seems to waver back and forth between really fitting in this new world and wanting to maintain a fear and frustration with being in this new town and nowhere near his peeps and Portland. So sad that the latest episode may be his last. I was really enjoying the brooding teenage boy–like we’ve never seen this before.

Then there was this week’s episode, Betrayal. For one, Pam seems a bit more what I expected. There’s more to her than meets the eye. She’s got something going on. The way she reacted to both Ethan and to her brother makes me think that she as a totally different agenda than even her brother does. I’m not sure what her plan is, but I know she has one. I don’t know if it has to do with getting folks pregnant and making sure Ethan-Burke-07-600x400the “First Generation” is built up, but whatever it is, I can’t wait to find out.

I think my favorite part was when Theresa dropped Ben off at school and asks Mrs. Fisher about visiting and Mrs. Fisher replies that schools are for children and not adults and that adults are not allowed in the school. Even though I know that this is part of the whole “brainwashing the first generation,” I think it’s fascinating that the whole separation of parents and schools is prominent in the series and in the future. Parents can’t handle the truth and they can’t handle learning. It’s also interesting to me that the goal of school is to make sure that the students procreate. Not only is it very heteronormative, it also moves the civilization back decades. Instead of learning and thinking beyond the traditional, nuclear, family unit, the goal of Wayward Pines is to move back to the dark ages where we worked to keep women pregnant and in the kitchen. How many people exist in the “vaults” of Wayward Pines? Are there enough that they will eventually not need to worry so much about having more babies or is it really important to start having children? I also don’t remember seeing any babies yet. Is this like some of the other narratives where it’s difficult to have children in this “new” world?

I’m also not sure that I completely buy that neither Theresa or Kate wants to buy Ethan’s story and that Ethan’s story has driven them together. Also, what’s up with Kate’s explanation that there is something out there since she was able to call a secure line at the FBI. Is this all just a grand experiment, or is it really 4028? Did Ethan “drink the Kool-Aid” or is he really in the best position possible to make Wayward Pines the kind of place he envisions it to be? I’m interested to see what happens as we move forward.

Then there’s the final bomb. Is Ben dead? Is this a metaphor for teenagers fooling around? Even in the new world you shouldn’t be making out if you’re not married. On the one hand the school wants to make sure they have more members of the first generation, but the narrative of “sex is bad if you’re a teen” is so strong that we really can’t get rid of it–even in Wayward Pines. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want Ben to be dead. I’m hoping that he’s not and that whatever needs to happen to him surgery-wise will cause some ruckus in The Pines.

I’m also interested to know what Theresa found in Lot 33. Plus, Big Bill seemed a little less obnoxious this week and instead of being annoying about her snooping, his tone this week seemed to be more of one of warning.

wayward-pinesI’m intrigued by the title of this week’s episode–Betrayal. Who’s betrayal is it? Is Pam betraying David? Is Ethan betraying Theresa and Kate? Or are Kate and Theresa betraying Ethan? Are the children betraying their parents? I believe in the last three episodes the full betrayals in Wayward Pines will begin to unravel.


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