Wayward Pines: The Friendliest Place on Earth (really)

I know that I haven’t been on top of reviewing Wayward Pines, but again, I’m getting to last week before tonight’s new episode, so I should get a star for that. I think it’s taken me awhile to write about “The Friendliest Place on Earth” because I’m not yet entirely sure of how I felt about the episode. Yes, I did feel that Matt Dillon looked exceptionally rugged and rockin’, but I’m still on the fence about the whole thing and I feel like there are a number of story lines that have been left hanging and I’m not sure they’re going to be able to get to everything in the final two episodes without feeling rushed.imgres

I’m glad that Ben didn’t die. It makes for much more entertainment that he is alive and can be manipulated by his teacher and girlfriend. I do appreciate that Ethan confessed to Theresa what happened during the Easter bombing, his role in it, and how it drove him to Kate. That meshed well with Kate’s flashbacks and seeing more of her experiences when she came to Wayward Pines and how she joined The Resistance (I wish we could come up with a better name. Why is everything “The Resistance”?) I also appreciate Theresa’s bad assness coming through with Mrs. Fisher. I hope there’s a battle coming soon. Other than that, it really wasn’t about Ethan, or the Burke’s, this week.

imgres-2It’s Melissa Leo who of course stole the show. She was just believing enough in her role throughout the series to finally let us see a bit more of her “true” personality. In this episode we learn that it’s not Pam who is the problem, it’s her brother who is paranoid about everything. Pam, on the other hand, is trying to let folks just live their lives and survive as best they can. Pam tries to just let things blow over, but David is having none of that and decides to make an example of one of their own. So we watch as poor ol’ Reggie Hudson is put to sleep until the next reckoning. I am really enjoying how Leo plays Pam and the depth she gives the character. It is as though David, and even Ethan, are becoming her foil characters. I’m hoping for big things (read big rebellions) from Pam in the coming two weeks. Please don’t disappoint. (But again, Melissa Leo never disappoints. She and Diamond make me just want to go watch Homicide again.)

Plus, I was wondering if they would finally reveal that the Abies were some made up nonsense and that Kate and the others were actually correct. Turns out they’re gonna see that Ethan is telling the truth (or what he thinks to be the truth) this week, when the Abies come to town. It’ll be interesting to see if they make it to the town and what occurs.imgres-1

I do love the two catty townswomen who are talking trash and gossiping away. They are fun.

I want to see a bit of a battle among Ben, Theresa, and Ethan due to Mrs. Fisher’s planting ideas in Ben’s head. But, I’m not sure if we’re going to have the time for that before the Abies get to town.

I’m wondering if we’ll have the time to return to the plot of land Theresa has become interested in and fully explore it’s significance. It has to be significant since they spent time on it and the Easter bombing was significant and they spent time on that. I just feel like there will be some lose ends and unanswered questions and I’m not going to be entirely happy about the whole thing. Still, it’s the best summer fun television I’ve seen, so I’ll stick it out and hope for the best.


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