Wayward Pines: A Reckoning: A Review

Wayward Pines might not be the best show on television, but it is so much fun and keeps things moving, and because of all this, it continues to make me happy. (Plus, there’s always Matt Dillon.) This week Melissa Leo stole the show. Really, who am I kidding, she’s always stealing the show.

When I started out with Wayward Pines, I wasn’t sure if I could like Pam. It was so hard. But she’s made such a wonderful turn in her character. A turn that really brings me around as a viewer. I really can’t stop rooting for her. I just want her to save the day. In the end I don’t know if anyone else can do it. I think it has to be Pam. I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t find out what was going on at Plot #33, the land that drew Theresa in, but quickly we learn that Pam wants to make sure that Theresa does learn the truth (and I must admit that I’m pretty pleased that Bob has disappeared.) images-2She hands off the card and we learn that there are videos and actual evidence about what did actually happen to the United States and that we are, in fact, in 4028. (I’m glad that just wasn’t some plot twist. It works so much better for me.) Plus, we finally see Hassler’s involvement and that he was looking for something beyond The Pines.

images-3I think I’m even sold on the fact that the town came together and at first wanted Ethan to kill Kate and then quickly changed their minds when Kate, Ethan, and Theresa revealed the truth. They even made Mrs. Fisher shut her trap, which was long overdue. I’m glad her brainwashing could only go so far.

I was also pleased that the Abies were quickly shut down at the beginning of the episode. (And I loved the smart move by Ethan Burke to shoot out the tires and imgrescrush those suckers. I love me some rugged Matt Dillon.) It seemed anti-climatic that they would come in because of the Resistance. No, we need them to be brought in because of David Pilcher and his undying paranoia. He doesn’t want peace, he wants control and the only way to take it is to literally shut down the town. I’m so excited to see what will happen next week and the town’s reaction. Will the Abies come in and destroy everyone? What will the “first generation” do? What will the Resistance say? Will things go back to what they were before, just without Pilcher and Fisher at the helm? So many questions.

I do have to say I’m not sure what I think about the Lord of the Flies nonsense with imagesthe “First Generation” and their attack on the jail. Jason and his pals had that feel of annoying, rich, privileged kids who thought they should just get whatever they wanted. It was a bit too much. And, you knew Kate couldn’t die, so everyone else had to go, which was sort of a drag as well. (I miss Reed Diamond. He was wonderful and understated.) That, coupled with the cultish gathering of youth outside the hospital and Ben coming out wanting to share his experience, but not completely being able to turn on his dad, made the most unbelievable part of the night for me. I feel a bit like Mrs. Fisher has become the images-4Pied Piper, but she doesn’t deserve to take the children away. But, I did love Arlene and her bad ass attitude. She rocked it and I’m all for her. I think I might now be her biggest fan.images-1

My biggest questions for next week are to see where alliances will exist. Will the town come together? Will the First Generation help their parents and the elders? Will there be other lines drawn in the sand? Or, will the whole town come together to fight off the Abies? I can’t believe everyone will work together, but where will the Pilchers stand? What will push David and Pam further away from each other? With what seems to be the death of Amy (didn’t see that coming), what will Ben do? Will he go with his parents or stay with the other youth and form their own community? And, what happens when the Abies come? Will there be a number of colonies that are created with who remains after the attach? Lastly, will David Pilcher survive? Do we want him to survive? I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to find out. I’m still not sure how everything will come to a close next week, but I keep wondering how it will all come together every week and it always does.

Wayward Pines makes me say, “Hooray for summer television.” Especially since it’s not a reality show or someone jumping obstacles and having talent.


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